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Our main products

Neonatal Phototherapy Protectors

Neonatal Newborn Phototherapy Protection Eye Mask is used by medical staff to treat neonatal jaundice when phototherapy is needed to prevent blue light from irritating and injuring the eyes. It also blocks strong visible light for premature babies and protects newborns from irritation and injury.

Neonatal phototherapy eye mask (shield) consists of a fixed headband and a light-shielding pad. The fixed headband is made of medical elastic non-woven fabric, and the shading mat is made of blue-black physical composite cloth. The product has no sensitizing reaction and no eye irritation reaction. It can effectively block blue light and various strong visible light, and avoid the stimulation and damage of blue eyes or other visible light to the eyes of children.

Cooling Gel Patch

Cooling gel patch is also called antipyretic paste. When children have a fever, they can be used quickly to reduce the temperature and heat.

The cooling effect is mild, effective, and long-lasting for up to 10 hours.It is safe for baby's sensitive skins and makes them comfortable and happy during have fever. We have developed the efficient ingredient, ensure the good adhesive power and remains no residue on the skin.The cooling effect is fast, will drop the body temperature down to 1-2 Celsius Degrees in 30 minutes.

Heat Therapy Patch

This is a new product specifically designed to relieve menstrual cramps during menstruation. This is a super heat belt that warms the waist when warming up.

Enhanced Heat Belt For Menstrual Pain Relief with Medical Non-woven Fabric Can Directly on Skin. Patent design, patented products, global investment,Enhanced menstrual pain relief heating belt. Uterus Enhanced Heat Belt warm channel to remove coldness, arming the uterus to relieve pain. For Menstrual pain, amenorrhea and scant menses.

Wound dressing

Together with our joint venture, we launched two wound dressings, hydrocolloid wound dressings, and Silver Alginate (Antibacterial Alginate with Silver) Wound Dressing.

Manage chronic and acute wounds, Lower extremity ulcers, pressure ulcers, wound of donor site, partial and full thickness wounds, high seeping wound, bedsore, scratch. High absorbency level is useful for Wound Stages II, III, and IV. Easy to apply and remove,conforms to body contours and provides maximum patient comfort...

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