Cooling Gel Eye Mask

Customized Cooling Gel Eye Mask with different sizes

Cooling Gel Eye Mask

Customizable different sizes and packing.

MerelyCare™ Cooling Gel Eye Mask contains natural herbal ingredients, which can alleviate pain, and improve the healing from the source of the pain, has outstanding curative effect..

1. Patch Size 4*11cm/5*12cm/10*14cm / oem
2. Material Non Woven material,Cooling Gel,Released Film
3. Color Blue,pink,green,orange
4. Active ingredient Menthol,Camphol,Camphor
5. Applicable People Office women and all people.
6.Application Fever, Beauty,Headache, Toothache, Sprain, Bruises, Refresh feelings
7. Certification CE, FDA,SGS,CQC
8. Package Customized package
9. MOQ 10000 pieces; if trial order is samll quantity, pls contact us
1. Ingredients:
Water, Borneo, Menthol, Glycerin, Sodium,etc.
Tasteless, mild and non-stimulating, using recycled environmental materials.

2. Structure:
Protective film: Transparent Film( OPP)
Middle Gel: hydrophilic macromolecule gel with natural levo menthol
Back lining: Imported non-woven Fabric

Open the packing bag, remove the protective diaphragm of the patch, and paste it to the eyes area.

1) Please store in the shade and avoid the light.
2) Keep in cold storage (do not put in freezer) after opened, the effect is better.

1). Do not use the skin with eczema redness, trauma, and allergy.
2). For external use, please do not eat.
3). Children should be used under the supervision.
4). Its Disposable,do not use repeatly.
New Visible Design-People can use it while working,studying,watching TV or Playing Game...

1, Hydrogel has a strong stickiness;
2, Hydrogel absorbs heat effectively, last up to 8~12hours, can be used repeatedly;Good for Relax Eyes and Body.
3, Cooling gel Paste patches are evenly applied, and the cut shape is perfect.
4, Easy to carry,you can use anytime and anywhere! When you on Travel,No effect to see scenery.
5, We provide customized service,can make your Shape,LOGO&Package which is best suitable for Gifts to your family,friends,classmates,etc.

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