Heat Therapy Belt

CustomizedHeat Therapy Belt with different packing

Heat Therapy Uterus Belt

Customizable OEM Different Size and Packing.

MerelyCare™Heat Therapy Uterus Belt For Menstrual Pain Relief Can Directly On Skin

1. Product Size 6*68cm or Oem
2. Certificates CE,FDA,SGS
3. Structure Heating element,magnetic sheet,far infrared fabric (power)
4. Ingredients Iron powder,Magnet,Salt,Activated Carbon,Water,Chinese Medicine Plaster etc.
5. Indications Provide heat therapy for temporary relief of menstrual pain and associated back aches.

How to use
1.Clean the affected area before use.
2.Peel off the anti-sticking paper in the middle and then apply the magnetic sheet to the affected area.
3.Peel off the anti-sticking paper of both sides to fix on the skin flatly.
4.Each sheet can be applied for 8 hours.

1.Pregnant women,allergic physique are forbidden to use.
2.The plaster can heat instantly,don't open the packing if you are not ready to use it.
3. Don't take the plaster close to the watch, magnetic cards and magnetic disks .

Warming 1.This products can cause burns.
2.Do not wear while sleeping.
3.Check skin frequently during use.
4.If you find irritation or burn, please stop using it immediately.
Uterus Enhanced Heat Belt warm channel to remove coldness, arming the uterus to relieve pain

For Menstrual pain, amenorrhea and scant menses

1,Warm waist and abdomen, Keep body warm
2, Relieve menstrual discomfort
3, Relieve menstrual pain

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