Heat Uterus Patch

Customized Heat Uterus Patch with different packing

Menstrual Pain Relief Heat Patch

Customizable OEM Different Size and Packing.

MerelyCare™Heat Therapy Uterus Patch For Menstrual Pain Relief Can Directly On Skin

1. Product Size 8*9cm or Oem
2. Certificates CE,FDA,SGS
3. Structure Heating element,magnetic sheet,far infrared fabric (power)
4. Ingredients Iron powder,Magnet,Salt,Activated Carbon,Water,Chinese Medicine Plaster etc.
5. Indications Provide heat therapy for temporary relief of menstrual pain and associated back aches.

How to use
1.Clean the affected area before use.
2.Peel off the anti-sticking paper in the middle and then apply the magnetic sheet to the affected area.
3.Peel off the anti-sticking paper of both sides to fix on the skin flatly.
4.Each sheet can be applied for 8 hours.

1.Pregnant women,allergic physique are forbidden to use.
2.The plaster can heat instantly,don't open the packing if you are not ready to use it.
3. Don't take the plaster close to the watch, magnetic cards and magnetic disks .

Warming 1.This products can cause burns.
2.Do not wear while sleeping.
3.Check skin frequently during use.
4.If you find irritation or burn, please stop using it immediately.
Warm Uterus Patch also named as uterus warmer, physical therapy heating pad, warm patch, warm pack, Hot plaster, heat pack. this product used japanese advanced technology. It is thin and soft. it is very easy to use. You just need to apply it the where you want to heat, it can give out heat at once.

The highest temperature it can achieve is 58 degrees centigrade, and its average heat is 51 degrees centigrade. it can continually give out heat for 10 to 12 hours at least. It can relieve the pain on the waist, shoulder, stomach which was caused by thecold.when you go out in cold weather, it can keep you warm all the time. It is convenient for you to carry them along with you. It can continually give out steady heat. Only one piece can protect you from cold for a whole day.

The Warmer Uterus Patch is the latest high technology product.it is the ideal product to keep warm, relieve pain or detumescence. It is made of material bag, adhesive layer and non-woven fabrics bag. it gives out heat fast and can last long time. it is very good for people who have below problems: arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, low back pain, leg pain, rheumatism and similar problems. It is also the best choice for you to keep warm in cold whether.

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