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MerelyCare™ Neonatal Newborn Phototherapy Protection Eye Mask is used by medical staff to treat neonatal jaundice when phototherapy is needed to prevent blue light from irritating and injuring the eyes. It also blocks strong visible light for premature babies and protects newborns from irritation and injury.

1. Packages: 1pcs/bag; 20pcs-50pcs/pack/box. 2000pcs/carton accept oem packages.
2. Product paper bag and packaging:
Available in neutral English packaging, universal version; or our own brand MerelyCare™;
Accept custom paper bags, as well as custom packaging boxes
3. MOQ:2000pcs
4. Lead Time: 10days
MerelyCare™ baby phototherapy eye mask (shield) consists of a fixed headband and a light-shielding pad. The fixed headband is made of medical elastic non-woven fabric, and the shading mat is made of blue-black physical composite cloth. The product has no sensitizing reaction and no eye irritation reaction. It can effectively block blue light and various strong visible light, and avoid the stimulation and damage of blue eyes or other visible light to the eyes of children.
3 sizes, can be customized according to your needs
*N-A head dicumference 30-38cm
*N-B head dicumference 24-33cm
*N-C head dicumference 20-28cm
MerelyCare™ neonatal phototherapy protection eye mask for medical staff to treat neonatal jaundice when phototherapy is needed, to avoid the blue light on the child's eye irritation and injury and clinical use. It can also be used as a full-moon newborn to block strong visible light and protect newborns from irritation and injury.
1. The product is made of high-quality environmentally-friendly elastic non-woven material, which can be fully adjusted and adjusted to a ratio of 1:2, suitable for any newborn head.
2. The product has no pressure on the newborn's head, is not easy to shift and fall off, soft and comfortable, and has strong affinity.
3. This product has been tested by skin irritation, delayed hypersensitivity test, cytotoxicity test and eye irritation test to confirm that there are no adverse reactions and side effects, safe and reliable.
4. The shading mat of this product has been tested by the national authority, and the shading rate of the shading mat is 100%. The inner corner of the shading mat is designed to be 40-60°, which expands the safe movement range of the eye mask and prevents the eyes from being exposed to strong light stimulation and damage.
5, to avoid strong visible light (sunlight, strong light, etc.) on the newborn's undeveloped eye stimulation and injury.
6, is conducive to improving the quality of newborn sleep, and promote its growth and development.
7. The light-shielding pad inside the eye mask can absorb eye secretions, keep the eyes clean and avoid local infection.
8. This product is packaged in medical dialysis paper, which can effectively block the invasion of bacteria and the quality of the product is more stable.
MerelyCare™ Newborn Phototherapy Protective Eye Mask is made of high-quality non-woven fabric and elastic material. The unique exterior design (Chinese and international PCT patented products) is soft, comfortable and safe. Three models, suitable for children with various head shapes, are essential for neonatal phototherapy and common items for newborns who are under full moon.
MerelyCare™ Newborn Phototherapy Protection Eye Mask can effectively block blue light and other strong visible light. It can avoid the stimulation and damage of blue light or other visible light to children's eyes.
MerelyCare™ neonatal phototherapy protective eye mask is made of flexible materials such as high-quality non-woven fabric and physical composite cloth. The fixed shading belt has certain elasticity. It is not easy to slide up and down and left and right when used, so that the protective eye mask can protect the eyes of the child relatively stably.
MerelyCare™ eye mask is made of flexible material, soft and comfortable, absorbent, sweat-absorbent, breathable, safe, non-irritating, not easy to fall off, not allergic, and convenient for the caregiver.
This product has passed the EU CE certification (see the test report)
1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before use;
2. In order to prevent the eye mask from falling off and moving, please fasten the adhesive part of the fixed light-shielding body as much as possible;
3. Pay attention to adjusting the position and tightness of the protective eyewear to ensure that the protection position is correct and the tightness is moderate;
4. During use, please pay attention to observe the use situation. When the fixed light-shielding body loses its elasticity, the light-shielding eye pad is secreted by the eyes of the child.

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