Phototherapy Hands and Foot Covers

Customized Neonatal Phototherapy Hands and Foot Covers in a variety of shapes for customers from worldwide

Phototherapy Gloves and Foot Covers

Customizable packing.

MerelyCare™ Neonatal Phototherapy Gloves and Foot Covers Provide protection during phototherapy to prevent young children from rubbing the face, eyes, chest, legs and other parts of the body when they are moved, to avoid skin infections.

1. Packages: 1pcs/bag; 20pcs-50pcs/pack/box. 2000pcs/carton accept oem packages.
2. Product paper bag and packaging:
Available in neutral English packaging, universal version; or our own brand MerelyCare™;
Accept custom paper bags, as well as custom packaging boxes
3. MOQ:2000pcs
4. Lead Time: 10days
Contructed with high quality non-weaven fabric and other elastic material. Patent design, soft, comfort and secure. These gloves will protect babies from scratching themselves during their phototherapy sessions.
MerelyCare™Neonatal Phototherapy Gloves and Foot covers made of medical grade elastic non-woven material, this product is soft, comfortable and flexible, providing a “fundamental and comprehensive” anti-scratch protection program for newborns.

1. Ultrasonic technology is adopted. The ultrasonic bonding table is used in the edge joint part, and the non-filament sewing table is used to effectively prevent the newborn fingers and toes from being entangled by the thread to avoid the risk of necrosis of fingers and toes.
2, The neonatal phototherapy provides protection to prevent children from swaying the face, eyes, chest, legs and other parts of the body of the skin, to avoid skin infections.
3. Effectively prevent children from damaging eye masks, monitoring circuits, electrode pads, servo tubes, etc., to avoid injury to children.
4. Designed according to engineering principles, the unique shape design makes the newborn wear more comfortable.

These come in two sizes: Small and Medium.

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