Neonatal Phototherapy Diaper for Premature Infants

Customized Medical Neonatal Phototherapy Diaper for Premature Infants

Medical Neonatal Phototherapy Diaper

Customizable packing.

MerelyCare™ Meicial Neonatal Phototherapy Diaper to protect your baby's testicles or ovaries from phototherapy and protect your baby's future fertility.

1. Packages: 1pcs/paper bag, 10pcs/pack. 200pcs/carton, accpet custom.
2. Product paper bag and packaging:
Available in neutral English packaging, universal version; or our own brand MerelyCare™;
Accept custom paper bags, as well as custom packaging boxes
3. MOQ:1000pcs
4. Lead Time: 10days
MerelyCare™ multi-purpose diapers (neonatal phototherapy diaper diapers) are made of high-quality dialysis non-woven fabrics, imported polymer resin, imported fluff pulp and patented anti-blue lining fabric. It has the characteristics of softness, comfort, safety, water absorption, sweat absorption and no irritation. It provides a “fundamental and comprehensive” solution for the children of phototherapy.
1. The only international nursing product designed for the newborn of Huangqi, to fill the clinical gap.
2, Unique sterilization, antibacterial ingredients, strong moisture absorption and dehumidification, all-round protection of baby's young skin.
3, Super long instantaneous suction diversion layer, quickly absorb, lock urine wet, not easy to reverse osmosis.
4, High breathability, soft outer layer and high elastic waist design, close to the baby skin, comfortable to wear.
Designed with tiny babies in mind. The perfect fit but comfort feeling the diaper is an appropriate diaper for premature infants that are so tiny to wear regular diapers. MerelyCare™ diaper comes in three sizes for babies weighing less than 800 grams to infants weighing 2250 grams.
The soft, easy-to-fasten, non-adhesive tabs ensure a comfortable fit without causing any irritation. The highly absorbent rectangular pad can absorb up to 25 cubic centimeters of moisture so that baby will stay long dry without causing rashes.
MerelyCare™ diaper has received hihest recommendation from Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurses.
Diaper Size Baby Weight Pad Capacity
Extra Small <800 grams 25cc
Small 800-1250 grams 50cc
Medium 1250-2250 grams 70cc

The Narrow, absorbent pad keep baby long dry to avoid skin irritation and rashes. Also promote appropriate positioning.
The Soft, refastenable flexible closure makes attach and detach easy and provides a custom fit to avoid leak. it will not stick to skin.
The double-stranded, soft elastic leg gathers snugr fit to help minimize leak.

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