Transparent Film Dressing

Customized Transparent Film Dressingwith different sizes and Packing

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Customizable different sizes and packing.

MerelyCare™ MerelyCare™ Transparent Film Dressing. Sterile. High Quality Dressing. Transparent dressings are available in several shapes and sizes to meet different customer requirements...

Transparent film dressings are breathable clear dressings for wounds. Also known as transparent film dressings, these thin sheets are generally made of polyurethane and have an adhesive coating. They make for ideal protective dressings on wounds, IV catheter sites and also for securing tubing and other devices. Transparent dressings are available in several shapes and sizes to meet different customer requirements. HPFY carries high quality transparent dressings like Tegaderm film dressing, Opsite transparent adhesive film dressing, Nexcare waterproof transparent film dressing, and many more from reliable and trusted makers such as 3M, BSN Medical, Medline Industries, Smith & Nephew, Reliamed, etc.
MerelyCare™ Transparent Dressing Features

Versatile Dressing:
MerelyCare™ can be used to protect I.V. sites, enhance wound healing, prevent skin breakdown, and protect closed surgical incisions. MerelyCare™ Film sizes, shapes and application styles meet a wide variety of needs. Frame style Window-in facilitates cutting to desired shape and size for specific applications when needed.

Easy to Apply:
Application of MerelyCare™ transparent Film Dressing is intuitive and quick. It is especially convenient for patient self-care. It minimizes application time and saves dressing waste and costs. Frame delivery system provides maximum control of the thin film for rapid application. Frame style helps with secure and precise placement of the dressing. If the adhesive surface accidentally touches itself, the dressing can be separated and re-applied.

Gentle Adhesive:
MerelyCare™ patches are constructed with a latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive that is gentle on skin. It securely holds catheters and other devices in place. MerelyCare™ film dressing provides good initial adhesion without building to excessive levels over time. The risk of patient discomfort and skin trauma is minimal even for dressings left in place for extended periods.

Breathable Dressing:
The breathability of MerelyCare™ allows moisture vapor and gas exchange. It is necessary to maintain normal skin function under the dressing. Patients can wear MerelyCare™ Dressings for a long span of time, with minimal risk of skin irritation. There will not be an excessive proliferation of skin flora.

Waterproof, Sterile Barrier:
MerelyCare™ film dressing act as a barrier to protect the I.V. site or wound from external contaminants including liquids, bacteria and viruses. It is waterproof and patients can take bath, shower or swim with it. The dressing should be completely sealed around the catheter or wound. MerelyCare™ patches remain sterile as long as the outer package is intact. Do not resterilize by gamma, steam, or E-beam
MerelyCare™ Transparent Film Dressing conforms to body contours. It stretches to prevent stress on the skin when the patient moves. It protects skin and bony prominences from abrasion and allows the patient to move easily. MerelyCare™ Transparent dressing is comfortable to wear and presents a flat profile.

Enhanced Wound Healing:
Natural wound fluid is sealed by MerelyCare™ to maintain a moist environment. Moist environment heals up the healing process. It prevents scab formation and dehydration of the wound bed. MerelyCare™ transparent Film Dressing offers a wound environment that lets the epithelial cells to distribute across the wound surface. It reduces pain caused by wound dehydration and increases patient comfort.

Transparent Wound Dressing:
MerelyCare™ Transparency Film provides complete visibility of the site during application. It also allows continuous monitoring of the target site without any need to remove the dressing. This visualization prevents unnecessary dressing changes and saves nursing time.

Fewer Dressing Changes:
With MerelyCare™ Transparent Dressing, fewer dressing changes mean improved patient comfort. There is a reduction in the risk of skin trauma from repeated adhesive removal. For I.V. care, lesser dressing changes mean there in less catheter manipulation. Also, there is reduced exposure to potential outside contaminants. For wound applications, the longer wear time allows the wound to remain undisturbed. It prevents disruption of the healing process.

Affordable: The HICPAC/CDC Guideline supports longer wear times for transparent dressings than gauze and tape for I.V. applications. Less frequent dressing changes save supply costs and reduces nursing time
When To Use Transparent Film Dressing?
To cover and protect I.V. catheter sites
Acute and chronic wounds
Skin protection
Feeding tubes
Superficial partial thickness burns
Stage I or II pressure ulcers
Autolytic debridement facilitated by the moist wound healing environment
Protective eyelid coverings
Post tattoo application and removal
How To Use Transparent Film Dressing?

Select a dressing size that properly covers the catheter or wound site. Ensure at least a one-inch margin of dressing adheres to dry, healthy skin.
Prepare the catheter insertion site or wound according to the approved protocol.
To ensure good adhesion, clip excess hair where the transparency film will be placed. Do not shave the skin because of the potential for micro-abrasions.
Make sure skin is free of soaps, detergents, and lotions. Allow all preps and protectants to dry thoroughly before applying the dressing. Wet preps and soap residues can cause irritation if trapped under the dressing. Products with adhesive do not stick nicely to wet or oily surfaces.
Do not stretch dressing during application. There can be mechanical trauma to the skin if you apply an adhesive product with tension. Stretching can also cause adhesion failure.
The adhesive of transparent dressing is pressure-sensitive. Always apply firm pressure to the dressing from the center towards edges to ensure the best adhesion.
To customize a dressing for a specific need, use sterile scissors. Cut the dressing into desired size and shape before removing the printed liner. For best results and ease of application, cut the pieces so that a portion of the frame remains on at least two sides.

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